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Design Custom Surfboard Templates From Your iPhone

The first surfboard design software built for touch screens

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A Shaper In Your Pocket

Big features, small size

Create, share, update, and copy surfboard designs in real time.

  • Mobile optimized control-points
  • Custom tail shapes
  • Print full-size templates at home
  • Export detailed spec-sheets
  • Get exact dimensions at any point
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Recommended By Pros And Backyard Shapers

iShaper is a powerful yet easy to use surfboard software whether you're shaping your first board or your 10,000th.

App Store Review 5
Backyard board builder | U.S.A.

Finally, a simple, easy to use app to create the template you want for your backyard builder. I’ve tried all the software out there and this has everything I need in an easy to use platform. Great job!

App Store Review 5
Professional shaper | Australia

Super easy to use - can pop out templates while sitting on the couch. Nice that this is always accessible when an idea pops into my head after a surf.

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iShaper is built and maintained as a free resource for the board building community. Enjoy.

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